The Positive Impacts of the Kelling Heath Wildlife AreaIt is very important for national parks like the Kelling Heath wildlife area to conserve all of the landscape and the wildlife around them while also letting people visit them and enjoy nature in its entirety. But both of these goals can create a conflict. Tourism is one of the biggest challenges that national parks face. There is no denying the fact that tourism can have both a positive and a negative impact on a landscape and community.

But for the purpose of this post, let’s only concentrate at the positive impacts of national parks and not the negative ones for now:

  • Jobs: There is absolutely no doubt that an increase in tourism is going to help create a large number of jobs for the locals. Running a national park is very difficult and requires a lot of manpower. So when the number of people visiting a national park increases, the number of people needed to run it increases too.
  • Local economy: As the number of people visiting the area increases, the amount of money being invested in the economy increases as well. You do not really need to explain how this works. It is pretty obvious, what do you think?
  • Helps with rural services: There are so many rural services that rely on regular businesses in order to survive in this market. It can really help when there is a regular influx of people because of the national park.
  • Increases local demand: Just like rural services, local demand also increases when there is an additional inflow of customers to a national park. Local foods and crafts get a great boost from national parks.

Kelling Heath Wildlife Sanctuary has so many positive impacts, there is little reason why you would not want to be located near a national park, is there?