Why are National Parks so ImportantNational parks are supposed to be the best part about our natural heritage. They have some stunning landscapes, majestic forests, extraordinary wildlife, etc. Even though their main purpose is supposed to be the protection of biodiversity, they also deliver various other social, economic, health, and cultural benefits. Future generations have a right to enjoy these natural values.

These are safe havens for both plants and animals. They provide a backbone to the core conservation areas which can be linked with various conservation efforts that support healthy, resilient, and diverse environments.

National parks can also provide a huge economic boost to the economy of a country. Tourism is very important for just about any country and regional communities are the ones which benefit the most from this.

National parks are also a very important part of the history and the culture of a country. They are a sort of natural history book which dates back thousands of years. They are a terrific opportunity for people to establish a connection with nature.

Lastly, natural areas have quite an amazing effect on our emotional and physical health and well being. They are very important sanctuaries where people can take a break from their lives, get fit, enjoy nature and relax while enjoying the beauty of nature.

It is a true source of creativity and art. There has been a lot of research on the benefits of natural environment and this shows that it is highly likely for you to have a significant psychological effect which would help reduce anger, stress, aggression, frustration, etc. Even children display various long term benefits from being outdoors. So it is time you got off your computer and start enjoying the outdoors. You are really missing out on something if you do not.

So you see, there are numerous benefits of visiting a national park. You just have to take the first step.